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man suffering from a crisis

Approaching Midlife with Ease

Being 40 is being at two extremes. On one end, people say that this is where life begins. Maybe because it is the point where a person has experienced many things. Also, people have more time in their hands. On the other end, being 40 also presents a midlife crisis. With aging comes health problems … Read more

firefighter on duty

The Great Qualities of a Firefighter

Everyone probably knows a story or two about courageous individuals who sacrifice themselves for others. Some of them know these people personally, while others were introduced to them during a difficult situation. Among these courageous people are firefighters. They are not only role models, but you’ll also see them preparing their fire fighting trailer unit to assist … Read more

two police officers walking

An Officer’s Ability to Make Reasonable Decisions in High-Stress Situations

Police officers are usually put in high-stress situations like pursuits and emergencies. Their driving ability and decision-making capacity can become compromised with the human factors involved with these stressful scenarios. Some of the factors are outlined below. Perception and Attention Perception refers to the ability to receive and interpret information in the environment. Only information … Read more

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