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black plastic water storage tanks

Understanding Storage Vessels for Different Applications

Storage tanks are used to contain liquids, gases and other substances across various industries. Tanks come in various sizes, ranging from 2m to 60m in diameter. They are commonly installed within some containment basins to prevent spillage should they be ruptured. These tanks are specially designed and built following strict design specifications and standards. Industries … Read more

couple receiving keys to their new house

5 Top Things Successful Homebuyers Do

Buying a home is often a six-figure transaction. For most people, this is by far the largest single investment they make in their entire lives. That means that making a mistake can lead to the biggest financial regret of their lives. A good way to steer clear of making bad decisions is by learning from … Read more

woman relaxing at her office

Study Says: Workplace Wellness Programs Do Not Increase Productivity. So What Does?

In recent years, more and more companies have created and implemented wellness programs in the workplace. The $8 billion workplace wellness industry not only aims to promote health, but also to reduce health care costs, improve the workplace environment, and increase employee productivity. The results of a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association put … Read more


Forming Voids in Construction Using Cardboard

For concrete openings to develop and to lower the structural weight and provide access for services, it is best to keep in mind that the former material, the positioning, and the withdrawal will be necessary. Voids need to be sufficient for their intended use before fixing the rest of the formwork. Smaller voids require specific … Read more

Nitrogen Generator

Understanding Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generators are critical to many aspects of production today. From metallurgy to fire safety, and food production to petroleum processing, the demand for nitrogen generators only increase with each new innovation that we create. Nitrogen is key to keeping oxygen levels low during the manufacturing process. As oxygen is one of the most common … Read more

woman designing a brand

Designing a Strong Brand Identity: Six Key Steps

Now, more than ever, a strong, solid brand identity is essential to a business’ success. Brand identity is what makes your business recognizable among the hordes of other businesses in the market. It is how your business communicates with the world and includes logos, packaging, typography, and brand colors. If you want your business to … Read more

Farm Equipment

Safety Tips for Using Farm Equipment

Harvesting fruits from very tall trees is a dangerous work that farmhands must attend to during the harvest season. Although there are farm equipment used to harvest fruits mechanically, some products are best harvested by hand and then sold fresh. But the process requires specialised machinery to allow workers to access hard-to-reach places and tall … Read more

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